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If you would like to learn to speak Hindi, one of the options you could consider is learning it online using spoken language courses by professional tutors. One of the biggest positives of learning a language online is that anyone from any part of the world can learn it with ease. Whether you are in New York, Dallas, London, Toronto, Vancouver, Delhi, Mumbai or Singapore. You don’t have to worry about travelling and wasting your time. If you get your tutor to travel, they may simply charge you extra.

You can go about learning in many ways. You can make use of free online lessons in Hindi and you would be surprised as to how quickly you start learning the basics of the language. At this stage, your progress would depend completely on you. You can either be content with what you have learnt and use a few words you may have managed to learn or you may choose to go the whole nine yards.

If you decide to choose the latter, Punjabi Hindi Online would be happy to help. We have experienced, native Hindi tutors who have taught at all levels right from elementary to advanced. Our tutors have also taught at college level and are well versed with all aspects of the language be it spoken, written, academic or related to literature. Learning Hindi with our tutors online is a whole new experience in itself. It’s full of fun and learning. Our tutors understand what you may need and they are always happy to provide you just that.

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Our Hindi Tutors Make Learning Through Skype Interactive and Fun! Our Language Courses Through English Make you Want to Learn to Speak Effortlessly

If you are seriously contemplating learning Hindi at your earliest and at your own convenience, our Skype classes are for you. Our tutors take lessons at your own convenience and you don’t even have to join a class or worry about travelling from one end of the city to another. Our classes are conducted through Skype and they are one-to-one. Each lesson is dedicated just for you and the tutor’s full attention is given only to one student at a time. These are not just stand alone lessons. We also have Hindi language courses that focus on particular aspects of learning. Our courses are both for beginners as well as advanced learners.

Our tutors are friendly and understand your psychology and your expectations. We have simple modules for each course. After each of your Skype lessons, you get all the content in a written format which you can go over at your convenience. This is a particularly effective technique that is used by students. You would be surprised how effectively it still work even if it has been a long time since you left college. Besides, we continue to provide you full support even after the classes. Our tutors encourage you to email us with any doubts you may have and they are quick to clear all your doubts.

Teaching online has been one of our specialities for the last few years. Our Hindi tutors even before starting to take classes, try and develop your interest in learning it. They leave no stone unturned to get you interested in the language, which is the first step if you would like to learn the language. We have a credible formula to develop and sustain your interest in learning new languages. This comes through years of experience and a keen interest in student’s psychology. Our teachers work with you step-by-step and monitor your progress with each lesson. They suggest you ways to improve and easy steps that can boost your learning manifold. So, take our language course today and learn to speak Hindi in as less as 25-30 days.


Our Spoken Skype Lessons Through English are for both Adults and Kinds. Our Hindi Tutors also Take Academic Courses!

Our Hindi language classes can be used both by adults as well as kids. So, if you have been looking for reliable classes online for your kids, talk to us now! Our approach enables us to understand that each child is different and we customize their learning as per their personality and ability. Going slow when they are new and catching speed when they begin to pick up makes our classes particularly efficient. Each of our online, Skype lessons can prove to be useful. The best part is that all our classes are taken in English, so there is absolutely no communication gap.

Our classes are used by learners who want to learn Hindi as well as those who have to learn it as a part of their university course. Whatever your requirement, you will still get the same standard of service that you came here expecting in the first place. Many of our students are settled in countries outside such as the UK, Australia or the USA.

You can book an online lesson with us at a short notice of just 24 hours. They are not just customized to suit your needs, our Hindi classes are also customized to suit your timings. We also have a discount if you book our courses. The course would cover both beginners and advanced learners. However, we encourage you to start with just one lesson to review your interest and your availability first.

It does not matter whether you are in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore or any other country; if you would like to learn how to speak Hindi, Our Hindi tutors are right there to ensure you don’t have to face any problems. Just get in touch with us now and start learning the language at your own terms and timings.