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How could I take language classes online? You now can; with online tutoring provided by many websites

Alaskan woman doing homework at picnic benchThere are many websites meant for tutoring online globally through Skype. To utilize this wonderful work at home legitimate online job feature, one must have a good, high speed internet connection. You also need to download and install Skype basic/ free connection on your PC/Laptop. One thing more you require is a good headset cum mic. If you have all these things, learning through online tutoring will become a piece of cake.

How to prepare the lesson?

Now tutors can deliver your lesson anywhere in the world through Skype. For online tutoring, it is essential to know the requirements of the student, if he wants to learn a language (written or spoken) you are proficient with, you need to know for what purpose he wants to learn? After knowing his needs, you can prepare a text file with the common phrases of his concern in English along with the transliteration (translation of the language written in Roman Script). Then during the session once you pronounce the words slowly in the phrases, then twice or thrice he can  practice if he is not pronouncing correctly. You have to correct him where ever he is going wrong. You have to prepare the text file of the language he wants to speak, in Roman Script (most of the people know English) so he can pronounce Hindi or Punjabi words with ease.

To make your lesson interesting, you can send him the video of the things you want to tell him about. Suppose you are telling him about the colors in the language he is learning, you can write the name of the color with any picture of that color, for vegetables, fruits, send him the video. Seeing the things, he will quickly remember and will never forget.

After the lesson, you can also send him the audio file of that lesson to revise getting the time. Usually the duration of a session is 45 minutes, but it may exceed up to 60 minutes depending on the student’s progress and specific sessions.

We take such Skype session online and help those who want to learn Hindi or Punjabi online. So if you want to learn Punjabi speaking, visit out website and book a session with our tutors and make use of our online tutoring service.

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