A few phrases in Punjabi for regular use.

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When we start teaching Punjabi online we should get prepared to teach
the students spoken as well as written Punjabi, because some Of the
students want to learn spoken only, others written and a few want to
learn written and spoken both.

While Tutoring spoken Punjabi I make a text file in a word format containing
phrases of regular conversation in Roman Script. When I type Punjabi in Roman
Script a big question arises of transliteration, because there are several
methods of transliteration like IAST, Harward-Kyoto,ITRANS and Velthuis.

Though IAST is a widely used standard,but typing in Velthuis style is much
easier than in IAST. It can be understood easily by anyone who wants to learn
a new language. When I Send a file to a new learner, writing Punjabi in Roman
Script,I prefer to transliterate in Velthuis style.Here are the examples of a
few phrases to be used for regular conversation.

In Velthuis style of transliteration, where there is a bigger sound,double Roman
letter has been used to write the correct spellings in Punjabi as in Akaal, aa has
been used for ਆ sound, because ka is ਕ and kaa is ਕਾ. Please read all the proverbs
under this style.

English                      Punjabi

Good Morning         sat sri akaal jii

How are you?           kii haal he jii?

I am fine                   thiik he jii

Glad to meet you    tuhaanu mil ke bahut- Khusi hoi

Welcome (to my home)     Jii aayaa nu(n)

Come inside        andar aao jii

Please have a seat      betho jii

How can I help you?       me(n) tuhaadi ki sewaa karaa(n)

Thank you very much      bahut bahut dhanvaad

Yes      haa (n) jii

No       nahii (n) jii

Where do you come from?     tusii kittho(n) aaye ho?

I am from London         me(n) London to(n) haa(n )

Where do you live?       tusii(n) kitthe rehnde ho?

What is your phone number?     tuhaadaa phone number kii he?

What do you want?      tuhaanu kii chaahidaa he?

Let me think        menu soc len dio.

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