Punjabi Tutor Vs. Teacher

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Would you like to take a Punjabi Language Course by a Punjabi Tutor or a Teacher?

Punjabi tutor Vs. teacher

If you are wondering what we are talking about, then read on because a Punjabi tutor and a Punjabi teacher may both solve the same purpose of helping you learn Punjabi, but they are not the same. It is true that both a Punjabi tutor and a teacher teach students, but when we think about a teacher, we see a person who is well qualified, holding a diploma or a degree in education and well versed in all the skills of teaching a particular subject in which they have attained mastery.Punjabi teachers generally teach in a classroom equipped with all the tools and material for using new techniques and methods for effective teaching, but in my opinion, if a teacher has command over the subject, a blackboard and a piece of chalk is enough for teaching. The most important skill is confidence and mastery over the subject. If a teacher has sound knowledge of  the subject, it builds up their confidence.

On the other hand, a Punjabi tutor can be any person who is not bound to have a degree, but he should have proper knowledge of the subject matter he wants to convey to the students. This is the single most important factor when you take Punjabi lessons online. A Punjabi language course can be successfully completed if the tutor taking the course has good knowledge of the language.

We see in our families that some parents are capable of teaching their kids up to the college level and sometimes even at the university level and they have no degree in teacher training and they can teach better than those who have teacher’s training.

Now a days retired teachers, the people having various skills and even the students are tutoring Punjabi online via Skype on various tutoring websites.

Our Punjabi Lessons and Courses can Either be Taken the Tutor way or the Teacher way

In the end, I think effective Punjabi tutoring or teaching depends on the interest, skill, method of teaching and capability of knowing the psychology of the students whom you are going to teach. Knowing the psychology of the students is a must. Parents know their children better than the teachers, that is the reason, sometimes children are more impressed with their parent’s tutoring than their teachers’.

I must say that an excellent teacher can also be an excellent tutor, but a bad teacher cannot even be a tutor. We, at Punjabi Hindi Online help those who want to learn either Punjabi or Hindi online. We have planned lessons developed over years that can help you learn Hindi or Punjabi quickly. We also supplement the material by emailing you the complete lesson that is taken for the day. Visit our webpage to learn more about our service.

We do not just tutor Punjabi and Hindi, but also teach you both the languages for academic purposes. Because we have experience in both, teaching as well as tutoring Punjabi and Hindi online. So its completely up to you whether you would like us to give you Punjabi tutoring or teaching.

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