Manual Punjabi/Hindi Translation Services and Transliteration Services by Professional Translators and Interpreters!

Another professional offering by our company is Punjabi and Hindi translation services, interpreter services, and transliteration services. Having worked on a number of translation and transliteration projects of customers from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Europe; our translators have developed skills to be able to successfully complete any kind of project. Whether it be a normal English to Hindi transition, Punjabi to English translation, Punjabi to Hindi, Hindi to English or Hindi to Punjabi translation; our translation arm has done it all. Our interpreters and translators have done not just simple projects between these languages, but also difficult, complex, and intricate projects requiring both translation and transliteration. Our translation services are one hundred percent manual and human. We DO NOT provide machine translation.

We understand that while looking for a good translator or interpreter; the first thing you would want to look for is their knowledge of the language and usage of that knowledge into suitable words to convey the most appropriate meaning of a sentence. If you are on the same page and if you would like a professional Punjabi or Hindi translation services to translate your official or personal documents; read on to find out what we offer and how we are different from the rest.

Below are the kinds of translations we offer:

  1. Educational Degree Translation
  2. Birth Certificate Translation
  3. Divorce Certificate Translation
  4. Judgement Translation
  5. Marriage Certificate Translation
  6. Police Record Translation
  7. Power of Attorney Translation
  8. Will Translation
  9. Diploma Translation
  10. Adoption Papers Translation
  11. Naturalization Papers Translation
  12. Immigration Documents Translation
  13. Patent Translation
  14. Medical Documents Translation
  15. Legal Contracts Translation
  16. Correspondence Translation
  17. Marketing Materials Translation
  18. Website Translation
  19. Business Proposals Translation
  20. Reports or Manuals Translation

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How is our Hindi and Punjabi Translation services, Interpreter Services or Transliteration Services Different?

Even though we specialize only in Hindi and Punjabi, we can translate documents in English to Punjabi or Hindi as well. So if you have an official document in any of these three languages, feel free to contact us with your requirements.
If you have a translation or transliteration requirement, you can either go through a big company and pay both, the translator/interpreter as well as the company. Generally, a big part of the payment is always retained by the company. However, when you order with Punjabi Hindi Online you order directly with our translators.
We are proud of the fact that we are ALWAYS in time. We have never missed a deadline with our Punjabi and Hindi translation services. If we are not sure about meeting your deadline, we would much rather be honest about it than giving you false hopes just to get your order.
We are equipped with all the latest tools including CAT tools as we understand your requirements could be very specific. We are fully equipped to match them and make sure you are completely satisfied.
Since you are dealing directly with the translators and interpreters here, rest assured you would be paying a very reasonable price. Not only we charge a very reasonable price for services, we also don’t have any great overheads.
We can complete your translation work in a very short time, sometimes just in a matter of a couple of hours. We understand your project may be urgent and we are here to serve you as fast as we can.
We are just a team of four translators and interpreters and both Punjabi and Hindi are our native languages. We are still diverse as our translators from from different parts of the world like Delhi, Toronto, Vancouver, and the UK. We complete all the orders ourselves without taking anyone’s help whatsoever.
We hold proper qualifications to be able to translate your documents well. Besides, we have translated several documents between these languages in the last 10 years or so.
We have professional experience of over 20 years with these languages. Primarily this experience consists of teaching these languages to high school and college students.
Each translated document is double checked for accuracy and compliance with your style requirements. Also, correct terminology, grammar, spellings, and punctuation is maintained throughout the documents.

So if you have a document or a certificate to be translated, avail our our certificate translation service and we will do full justice to your requirements and you will definitely come back to us for more.