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Hindi tutor taking Hindi language lessonsTeaching Hindi to a student who is not familiar with the language and does not even know the alphabets could be a serious challenge. In situations like these, your Hindi tutor should prepare them self to make you comfortable with the learning process. It could only be possible if the tutor had under written, essential qualities in them:-

1. Perfect speech:- The tutor’s voice should be clear, speed should not be too fast to catch and pronunciation should be perfect. There are four easy steps to successfully completing a Hindi language course. The first and foremost is listening, the second is reading, third is speaking and the fourth one is writing. If we like a language and  wish to be able to speak it, we have to listen to it again and again and we should try to convey our thoughts through a word or two, because initially we are not capable of speaking fully correct sentences.

2. Innovation:- Your Hindi tutor must be innovative and should know the depth of your knowledge. They should accordingly give useful Hindi lessons using new techniques, providing you with audio video aids. Our Hindi language course covers lessons for beginners as well as advanced students. Countless hours have been spent preparing our courses that help you get a head start in Hindi.

3. Mastery over the language:- The tutor should have mastery over the language so that they can conveniently answer any of your questions. During my teaching career spanning 35 years, there were hardly a half a dozen incidents when I had to consult a book in order to come up with a satisfactory answer.

4. Good preparation of the topic:- Since there is no limit of knowledge, there is enough to learn throughout life, so no one should have the feeling that the topic they are going to teach or speak on does not need any preparation. Preparation of the topic is a must before teaching. We still prepare Hindi lessons for individual students which are tailor made for them. Our Hindi lessons are prepared keeping in mind your specific weak areas. The general lessons that we already have prepared are used for very less number of students.

5. Making the teaching process interesting:- Your Hindi tutor must have the quality to engage you wholeheartedly into the lesson, only then they can feel satisfied and can you. We strongly encourage you to consult us for a quick 10 minute (absolutely free of cost) chat and we can guarantee that you will find it too interesting to refuse our Hindi language course, which will enable you to speak Hindi fluently with a few weeks.

6. Sincerity towards the profession:- The tutor’s main purpose should be to give their best to the students, not bothering about money or time. If the student is very involved  in  the lesson and taking keen interest in learning, it doesn’t matter if the tutor has to give them 15 more minutes or so. Rather the tutor should feel happy that your ultimate purpose of taking up a Hindi language course is being fulfilled.

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